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Hawaii Day 4 In Which We Find the Sun, Rhonda Puts in Her Earplugs, and It’s Still Christmas.

We had a bit of a late start to the day and it was raining again so we decided to head South again to Poipu beach to find the sun.

You have to pass through Koloa town on your way to Poipu, and as we didn’t leave until late, it was time for lunch on our way through.

One of the staples here in Hawaii is the Plate Lunch. This consists of a scoop of white rice, some macaroni salad, coleslaw, and either Kalua pork, or BBQ chicken or fish, usually Ahi.

I usually have this once, while I’m here, and that is more than enough.

Hawaii Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Day 3 005

We had our plate lunches at the Fish Market in Koloa. I love this place! They sell a good variety of Hawaiian Poke, a raw fish/sashimi ‘salad’ that is hugely popular here.

Hawaii Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Day 3 004

It is typically a combination of Ahi (yellowfin tuna) chili, garlic, tomatoes, onions, and the roasted and crushed nut of the candlenut tree. I’ve only ever had the octopus poke before and it was delicious.

You could also pick up any kind of fish you could ever want here:

Hawaii Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Day 3 002Hawaii Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Day 3 003

Not exactly cheap…

After lunch we hit the beach and had a couple hours of swimming and relaxing. It was awesome, except that I happened to find myself next to larger-than-life Manny and Rhonda (I think), from Lihue (main town on Kauai) who thought that this would be a good time to discuss the intricacies of their relationship. In detail. Manny, with his bald head, huge muscles and shaved armpits would comment on how Rhonda, who had clearly spent many many hours in the sun, had fallen asleep for the fireworks, and she would respond back that she needs more than fireworks to keep her awake, and then Manny would say something about how she didn’t really respond to anything at all these days and that if fireworks couldn’t keep her awake, nothing could. Then Rhonda let fly a zinger and said something like ‘exactly, you got nothing, honey. I keep telling you.’ At this point I was really hoping they would stop, and that maybe I had some earplugs in my bag. I turned around to try and stare them down, only to see Rhonda pull a pair of earplugs out of her bag and put them in her own ears! Even she was getting tired of listening to herself, it seemed. Thank god for that.

At this point, a large humpback whale began breaching just offshore and so thankfully attentions were drawn elsewhere, including my own, and life went on sans Manny and Rhonda’s drama.

After the beach, I dragged everyone to the Spouting Horn, (a lava tube that fills with the surge from the ocean and shoots sea water up into the air) which I drag everyone too all the time and will drag you to as well, if you come to Hawaii with me. It’s kind of awesome. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I love the Spouting Horn! And plus I always see a turtle or two there. There was some discussion that perhaps it was a fake one that is actually just a buoy, shaped like a turtle, but I don’t even care.

We waited around for a the biggest ‘action’ and of course I tried to take a picture but it never really captures the effect:

Hawaii Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Day 3 011

For all you know, it could be only 12 inches high…

Hawaii Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Day 3 032

I like to annoy Jacob by constantly trying to take a picture of the two of us – he always rolls his eyes but I did manage to get this one.I was standing on a stump and he wasn’t…

After the Horn, we hit up the National Botanical Tropical Gardens, which are right across the street. It was completely enchanting. It was also still Christmas there and all the trees were hung with huge Christmas balls.

Hawaii Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Day 3 043

Hawaii Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Day 3 056

Hawaii Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Day 3 054Hawaii Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Day 3 072Hawaii Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Day 3 074

Mel and I got a bit goofy together. Love that girl.

Hawaii Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Day 3 061

And this one too…

Hawaii Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Day 3 052

On our way home we stopped near Poipu at Savage Shrimp for some more garlic shrimp. It is customary to sign the walls when you eat here.

Hawaii Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Day 3 079Hawaii Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Day 3 080

It was another long drive home at night back to Hanalei but the stars were out and the air smelled sweet so it was all good.

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