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Hawaii Day 1, In Which Raoul Covers Some Ground and Eggs Have Shells.


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The thing I love the most about stepping off the plane in Hawaii is how warm and sweet the air smells. At least I think it does. It could be that it’s just soo much better than the so called ‘air’ on the plane. Seriously, what is that stuff. It smells like bunk and makes everyone sick. I think actually they have tanks of it that they pump into the planes when they build them and then they never change it, like, ever again. Gross.

Our flight started out pretty well, even though we were sitting right at the very back of the plane. Like, right-beside-the-washroom back of the plane. Which meant I spent a good chunk of the flight staring at other people’s asses. Why do they have to turn in the aisle so that their butt is in my face? Does it not occur to them that maybe I don’t want ass in my eyes? Here’s a tip for you if you are flying anytime soon, if you are loitering in the aisle, stand facing the front or the back of the plane. There is no need to turn and stick your stuff in anyone’s face. You’re welcome.

Also, the back of the plane is where they put the babies, which is fine I like babies. We had little Raoul (or something like that) three rows up from us who was probably about a year and a half. He had a little truck that he was playing with and I guess his parents thought it would be ok for him to crawl around on the floor. Well he let go of his truck and it slid all the way back to our row at the back and so he decided he would just crawl back under a couple rows of seats and get his truck. Yep. Imagine Zoe’s surprise when she looked down at her feet and saw a little bum wedged under the seat in front of her. We quickly determined that is was Raoul, which was confirmed by the father, who casually wandered back to our row and apologetically announced that his son was ‘down there under the seat’.

Dude. Your kid. I guess he was getting an early start on learning how to stick your ass is someone else’s space while on a plane. Good thing he was super cute. (Raoul, not his dad).

Fortunately, Jacob was able to retrieve Raoul with minimal tears and return him to his dad.

I was more concerned that the people in the rows in front of us appeared to be completely oblivious to the fact that a baby was crawling through their legs and under their seats. Wouldn't you notice something like that? How far would this kid have gotten if he had been up at the front of the plane? I guess these are the same people who think nothing of sticking their crotches in my face so I shouldn’t be too surprised. Hello.

That was about it for excitement and the rest of the flight passed in relative boredom (which is good) with the exception of some rather severe turbulence that threw us all around in our seats, until we landed and the mechanism that keeps the drink carts safely locked in their cabinets and stops them from shooting out and careening down the aisle when the plane lands, snapped off as soon as the plane landed and the poor flight attendant had to stretch out her foot from her seat to try and keep the damn thing from shooting off down the aisle. I was ready to be the hero and stop the thing with my super human strength, but it wasn’t necessary and we all lapsed back into boredom for the 30 minutes it takes them to open the door,(what exactly is the delay, I always want to know – just open it already) until it was time to get off the plane and breathe some real air.

We picked up our luggage, and car, stopped for some garlic shrimp, and then made it to our rental house is Hanalei to meet our friends Mel and Pepi. It was dark when we arrived, and we were all a little grumpy by this point so it was time to go to bed.

When we woke up next morning, it was to beautiful blue skies and sunshine. And chickens. Actually, roosters. Loud roosters. Kauai is rife with feral chickens – they are everywhere. Especially right outside our room at 5am.

Anyway. I wasn’t going to talk about my breakfast cuz really, WHO CARES but I did want to tell you about my new favourite food ever – coconut sweet bread. I have so far eaten waaay too much and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

zoe's camera dec 31 2012 067

And I wanted to tell you about a new thing they have here: eggs with shells.

Hawaii Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Day 2 016

I’m not sure if you knew it or not but eggs have SHELLS. The shells PROTECT the eggs. Here in Hawaii, they advertise this fact right on the package as if they came up with the idea themselves. What a relief! I was actually looking for the ones without a shell, and I was really worrying about how I would get them home without the egg whites and yolks running everywhere willy-nilly and making a huge mess. Thankfully, I found this brand that already has a shell on it. Amazing!


Anyway, I digress. Again. What I meant to say was that we spent the rest of the day at the beach at Hanalei Bay.


It was tough.

The next day was also rough- Poipu beach for New Year’s eve. More on that tomorrow.

Mahalo for reading



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