Thursday, January 1, 2015

In Which Zoe Faints, Pepi is Very Very Surprised and New Year's Eve is Lovely

After sleeping in half the day we decided it was time to put our plan to surprise Pepi on the beach into action. If you don’t know what I am talking about, read yesterday’s blog – it will explain everything.
As I wasn’t organized enough to sort out a rental car, we are relying on public transport which is actually very handy and awesome, if a little sketchy and crowded at times. Just outside our place there is a ‘bus stop’ which is a bit of a misnomer as there really isn't just one area where buses stop – they will stop at any point along the road, regardless of whether or not there appears to be space to do so, and let anyone who happens to be in the vicinity get on the bus. There are also no schedules or times, they just come along and you get on or they don’t and you wait. We waited for about 15 minutes, at the side of the highway which wasn’t actually as bad as I was anticipating, until an-already packed bus came along and we crammed ourselves in.
Now, you may recall my comment yesterday about how I always seem to find myself providing first-aid while on public transport. Well today was no different except that this time, it was Zoe who passed out. One minute she was commenting that she didn’t feel that great to which I answered that she should turn herself around and face forward, and the next minute she was in a full faint. I was standing behind her so I couldn’t see her face but Kent could, and when his face went from fine to freaked out, and Zoe started swaying all over the place, I new something was up. And then when Kent helpfully yelled “She’s going down! JANE!” , I knew she was in trouble. Fortunately, two locals leapt out of their seats for us so I was able to lay her down and until she came around a few seconds later. A packed, hot, swaying bus is never the easiest place to treat these sorts of things but it all worked out and she was back to a paler shade of her normal self in a few minutes, just as the bus pulled in to Sayulita. It was likely just a combination of heat, not enough fluids, and motion sickness resulting in a drop in blood pressure– which her body fixed by putting itself into a horizontal position. All’s well that ends well.
After a restorative smoothie and sit-down, we were able to proceed with Operation Surprise Pepi, which really cannot be described, and must be seen:

Kent really crushes it here, going fully into character as a local beach hawker trying to sell Pepi a beer. Needless to say, the rest of the day was spent reliving this most excellent of moments. It was also New Year's Eve so there was an amazing firework show, but also a beautiful tradition here of lighting paper lanterns and sending them off into the New Year. It was actually stunning to see literally hundreds of these glowing lanterns fill the night sky.

Happy New Year!

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