Monday, January 5, 2015

In Which We Find the Bra Market, the Waves are Very Strong, and the Sunset is Amazing.


It seems we have lucked out again in our new place. It’s not as luxurious as the last but the view and pool more than makes up for it. Although it is at the top of the World’s Steepest Hill which you can just make out in the picture below. Not even the taxi would go up it and a dude who was staying here before us said he saw a golf cart (which are all over the place here) flip over coming up the hill  one day. Great.


We made it down ok without me falling on my face and went for breakfast at a little place around the corner where, to my surprise, they were again serving Divorced Eggs. This must be a thing here. You could also get Benedict Eggs here as well. Hilarious.


There was also this poster:


Not the best name for a Guiding company. When is a jungle ever chilly, first of all, and secondly, no guy (or girl) wants anything to do with a Chilly Willy.

Anyway, I digress.

Zoe and I carried on to check out the shopping situation and happened upon a great little local market selling things that people might actually need, like clothes and shoes rather than overpriced trinkets and knickknacks. It was like happening upon an small open air value village. Zoe and I made several purchases before finding the extensive open-air bra and underwear section.



There were hundreds of them, all shapes and sizes. But the best part was that the only ‘salesperson’ in sight was a thirteen year old boy sitting behind a table. I watched as he assisted an older woman find the right size in a pile of bras. Some kids have all the luck.

After this exhaustive experience it was clearly beach time. the winds were up today and the waves were quite strong so in we went for a bit of a beating and salt-water lashing. I hadn’t been in more than about a minute when a particularly vengeful wave came along, picked me up, threw me ass over tea-kettle (as the saying goes) filling my head with sand and salt water in the process, and deposited me many metres from where I started out. All this is a perfectly normal wave-experience except that this time, I also managed to lose my bathing suit bottom at the same time. Fortunately I could feel it somewhere around my knees and managed to grab on before it was completely gone. When one is being hurled around in the middle of a wave, it’s anyone’s guess as to which parts of you will emerge first. I am not sure if I flashed everyone or not but I like to think that I didn’t. By the time I got myself sorted out another one was on me and it was a repeat performance of Act 1 except this time it was my top. Finally, I was able to clear my hair from my face, grab on to all the important bits and arrange them roughly where they should be, and stumble out of the water. In my haste I neglected to notice one of the ubiquitous small dogs playing at the edge of the water, and stepped on the poor thing. It yelped and I tripped over it again, doing some crazy side-stepping dance routine while simultaneously trying to avoid being sucked out to sea again by the latest assault wave, and keep by suit on. When I finally gained some semblance of composure and balance, I could see Zoe off to the side shaking her head and doing her best to pretend she had never seen me before. I sat down on the sand some ways away from the waves, and tried to stop looking and acting like a complete spaz. A few minutes later I was back in business, straps tightened, and everything where it should be. I managed to keep myself together after that. I finally dragged Zoe out sometime later but she wasn’t very impressed at having to leave the water.


Then it was back up the hill for a swim and the sunset.


My awesome camera has a ‘miniature effect’ option which I was playing around with. It actually makes Jacob look like he lives in a dollhouse.


He actually looks more like this:


And then the sun set, which blew the top of our heads, as Pepi would say:


Last day tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,



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