Friday, January 2, 2015

In Which Zoe Almost Gets Drunk, and Sayulita Is Charming

The Big Pepi Surprise has been hard to top so for the last two days I have just hung out, eaten great quantities of guacamole, found some good signs, and basically bummed around annoying my kids by taking random pictures around town. Oh, and trying to get poor Zoe drunk (keep reading).

Mexico sayulita and gopro 2014 003

Everyone was drooling over this car…

Mexico sayulita and gopro 2014 006


Mexico sayulita and gopro 2014 051

We ordered this ‘virgin’ Pina Colada for Zoe, but it actually wasn’t virgin, and she and I drank about a quarter of it trying to figure out what that ‘weird’ taste was:

Zoe: I think there is alcohol in this drink

Me: No no, it’s virgin. That means no alcohol. Among other things.

Zoe: I think there is. My lips feel weird (takes another slurp)

Me: Hey Kent try this. I think there‘s booze in it

Kent (takes a huge swig): Hmm…nope. No booze.

Me: Well something tastes weird. Maybe It’s just not so sweet.

Zoe: I think they made a mistake.

Me: Hey Pepi try this.

Pepi (takes a glug): Nope, definitely no alcohol.

Zoe: I feel weird

Me (to server): Is there alcohol in this?

Server: I go ask.

Me: Who would serve a 13yr old a full strength Pina Colada?

Server: Yes yes of course there is alcohol.

Me: Well that answers that.

Me (to Pepi and Kent): Good job.

Zoe: I don’t think I can finish this..

Me: yeah well either way you’re not going to.

Server returns with a new Pina Colada.

Zoe (takes a sip): No alcohol in this one.

Me: Let’s hope we’re not hungover tomorrow.

Zoe: What?

Me: Nothing. Ok let’s go.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, there was this beauty. I tell you, paper cup bath pulling is nothing but trouble.


And then there’s the innocent spelling mistakes, not to mention the punctuation error but most English-speakers I know can’t get that right either.

Mexico sayulita and gopro 2014 016

And look out!

Mexico sayulita and gopro 2014 019

I never did find out what this was referring to.

Mexico sayulita and gopro 2014 007

Jacob’s and his new coke-can name, Rafael. Kind of suits him.

Mexico sayulita and gopro 2014 009

It’s another Mel-garita to round out the night.

It seems the lantern lighting occurs all through out the holidays as I saw many more floating up under the moon. I bought a couple from a street vendor so hopefully I can light them without setting my hair on fire.

Thanks for hanging around with me.



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