Wednesday, July 5, 2017

UK Day 12 and Denmark Day 1: In Which We Say Goodbye to Travis and London, I Have a Few Suggestions for England, and We Arrive in Copenhagen


We spent most of today getting ready to leave London and fly to Denmark. Travis left early for his flight to Portugal and we will admit to spending a portion of the morning moping around after he left. I don’t think I’ve laughed as much in years as I have on this trip.

After packing up and leaving our apartment we went for a final wander around Soho and Covent Garden where I dragged everyone to the House of MinaLima to see an exhibition of the works of the two graphic designers responsible for all the graphics in the Harry Potter movies.


There is an astounding amount of detail in these works, including the Marauder’s Map which was on display as well as Harry’s acceptance letter in to Hogwarts.



We spent our final hours shopping before heading back to the apartment to get our bags and then the train to Heathrow. I used to hate flying into Heathrow but since they have opened the new international terminal, it’s much better. The ceiling is no longer two inches above one’s head and they have added another set of washrooms. Well done! The food services are still a bit weird:


Before we go to Denmark, I have a short list of some observations about the UK for England to read when she has a few minutes to put her feet up with a cup of tea:

  • We know about the gap now. Thanks.
  • There really is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to ventilation and extraction fans.
  • Steaming doesn’t seem to work as a way to dry clothes.
  • If you build your roads a bit wider it won’t be as necessary for people to drive into hedges while trying to get past each other. Consider the badgers.
  • Have you tried not mushing up your peas. They are very good steamed. Perhaps you could put them in the dryer?
  • Why not just scrap Brexit as it seems to be causing you all a bit of bother.
  • Re: Prince Harry – well done!
  • Re: Tea, Cadbury’s chocolate, cream teas, the countryside, London, your accents, curry shops, proper pubs, the National Trust, stately homes, castles, eccentric villagers, Monty Python, and the BBC, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

After sliding into a slight depression about having to leave England, we boarded our flight to Copenhagen on SAS, otherwise known as Such a Shit Airline.  We arrived late in the evening, took the train in to Copenhagen and walked to our apartment which we all instantly fell in love with.




We finally fell into bed at about midnight after a found dinner of peanuts, almonds and cheese.

More tomorrow!

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