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Day 5– In Which we Meet Mr. Canada and Practically Walk on to the Set of All Creatures Great and Small

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Leaving London is never easy, but at least it was raining when we got into the cab that was taking us to King’s Cross Station. Cab drivers here are either locals, who call everyone Guv, or they are from very far away and are here trying to make a new life. Our cabbie was from the latter group but had an accent I couldn’t place. Then he asked me where we were from:

Cabbie: Where you are from madam?

Me: Canada

Cabbie: Oh! That is my name.

Me: Pardon?

Cabbie: My name

Me: your name is Canada?

Cabbie (pulling out his ID badge): Yes. See? Canada.

Me (observing  his badge which identifies him as Erdem Canada): Well so it is! Are you Turkish?

Mr. Canada: I am only one! I google myself! I am Cyprus!

Me: Yes I expect you are…

Mr. Canada: I have trouble when I go to borders. They don’t believe.

Me: No would think they might have some questions.

Mr. Canada: Ok here you go. Bye Bye from Mr. Canada!

All of us: Good bye Mr. Canada! And Good Luck…

I had more questions for Mr. Canada but we had to run for the train.

I love taking the train in England – I love the little man who pushes his trolley up and down (“anything from the trolley?”), I love the whoosh as the doors close, the man blowing his whistle on the platform. I love listening to Margery and Alan discuss what they had for tea. It’s all so satisfyingly efficient. Except when it isn’t. Like when there is a piece of concrete on the line between Doncaster and Leeds and so your train has to be diverted to a completely different city because apparently no one can move said piece of concrete. How did it get there anyway? Are they sure? Did anyone check? Just get a back hoe or something. It can’t be that big.

Anyway. My point is that the trip was slightly delayed, but that meant that I had more time for tea on the train

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Yes, but what is it???  I put it in my tea anyway and I’m still here.

We eventually made it to Skipton in Yorkshire where it was time to pick up the rental car. I always dread this part as it means I have to listen to driving directions to wherever I’m going, whether or not I have asked for them.

Rental car lady: Where you goin then luff?

Me: Just around the corner really

Rental Car Lady: Right well I’ll just get out the map

Me: Actually it’s ok I’ve got it sorted…

Rental Car Lady (unfolding a huge map): Right we’re here (placing a pudgy finger on an undefined area of the map) and you’re goin where luff? Round the Corner?

Me: yes it’s just a short trip…

Rental Car Lady: out the gate, take your first left, you’ll see a railway bridge, go under it, then take your first left, turn right at the Dead Hedgehog, then go back over the bridge, take your first right, then you’ll be outside our offices again but now you’ll be facing t’other direction.

Me: well thanks very much bu…

Rental Car Lady: Now, carry on down road, past The Boar’s Head pub, look for a sign that says Round the Corner. If you see a sign that says ‘London’ then you’ve gone too far and you’ll need to double back. Go past the pub again and…

Me: Thanks so much! Really Helpful! Bye!

Rental Car Lady: But I haven’t fini

Me: Lovely to meet you!

Our destination was a vacation rental just outside the puny village of Wigglesworth. I kid you not, that is the name. There is also a Giggleswick near by and several other villages that were clearly named by the Ministry of Silly Village Names. Like Upper Tooting and Loose Membley.

This village is also in the middle of the nowhere, and to my chagrin, I had to rely on Jacob’s powers of navigation and the Sat Nav lady to get me there. I’m not used to sat nav and so I wasn’t very good at listening to her. She annoyingly insisted repeatedly that I “TURN LEFT” and when I didn’t, you could practically hear her sigh before saying ‘Recalculating’. Or maybe that was Jacob.

1 day 5 london to yorkshire 008

I finally made it to the house, and we all fell out of the car and practically cried with happiness. Sorry about the hazy pics – I inadvertently changed a setting and can’t figure it out…Oh no, wait, it’s just the weather…

1 day 5 london to yorkshire 032

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We are only a few miles from the town of Wensleydale (yes sir?) and that happens to be my favourite cheese. Perfect! There was also a loaf of bread, fresh butter and milk, tea, and biscuits and a bottle of wine. Our hosts are lovely, and the place is perfectly equipped.

This, my friends, is what I’m talking about.

And then Jacob turned on the TV and what was playing? ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL!!! If that doesn’t mean anything to you then I’m sorry but you’ll have to leave now.

We were all exhausted from the trip up and our week of extreme Londoning, but we managed to make some dinner, and venture out on to the Dales just outside our window to hang out with sheep. There is a lot of sheep here. Like a lot.

But thankfully sheep are quiet at night so it was another great sleep for all of us. More on the Dales and area tomorrow.

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