Sunday, November 20, 2011

In Which We Haven’t the Vegas Idea What to do Next.


Our first full day in Vegas was typical in that we all wanted to do everything and couldn’t really decide what when or where. This wasn’t actually a bad thing and it all worked out in the end.

You may or may not know or care, but while we were there, a major fight, or ‘the fights’ (which is how you say it if you are in the know, like we were, having a boxer in our midst) was happening on the Saturday night between Pacquiao and Marquez just down the road at the MGM Grand. Sandy was keen to go if the price was right (which is wasn’t) but the rest of us were in a wandering frame of mind and spent most of the day cruising the hotel or the strip.  We ventured into the casinos, stared at the slot machines until we figured them out (put in your money, press a button, lose all your money, lather, rinse, repeat), ate, walked, shopped, ate, lost more money, and stared at all the crazy people. I swear I could spend days just watching the endless stream of crazy characters that populate this place.


The last time we were all here, you put quarters in them and pulled a handle…


Benefits to travelling with an Opera Star

Because Vegas isn’t weird enough, there is a talking tree in the hotel lobby. Really it’s only the first 20 seconds that are worth watching but I’m no good with the video editing…



We ran into a teacher from our kids’ school (who shall remain nameless. The teacher. Not the school). It was her last day and this was her breakfast. Nutella and Bacon! I love it! This is possible only in Vegas and maybe France, which is ironic as we were having breakfast at the Paris hotel across the street from the Bellagio. This hotel has a half-size model of the Eiffel Tower right in the middle of the hotel. Who does that!




Another couple of Elvises shaking their Pelvises. And I just noticed Barney in the background…


A random Batman. In Las Vegas, if you have nothing else to do, you put on a cartoon or superhero costume and wait for some sucker to come along and pay for the opportunity to have their picture taken with you.



We ended another great day in Vegas by watching the fountains do their fountainy watery thing. Quite lovely although I still think there should also be dolphins.

These guys also had a good day, it looks like. Note the bottle of Malibu…


And this picture, my friends, pretty much sums up Las Vegas. WTF will I see next. (Hint: Mike Tyson).

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  1. I had to share your Mario Bros. photo with a friend- hope that's OK! Cris H.