Saturday, November 19, 2011

In Which we Arrive in Vegas, and I refuse the Oath

Back in October, a group of us girls were sitting around a fountain taking a break outside from a cocktail lounge party when one of us, fuelled by wine and, possibly, joy, announced that we should “all go to Vegas”. A chorus of ‘Yeah Baby’ and ‘Woohoo’s ensued, a bazillion emails, much inviting of other people, and finally, the handing over of the credit card, and we were on our way.

And so it was that we found ourselves at the Airport in Las Vegas, on the auspicious date of 11-11-11, standing under the banner, right hand raised, agreeing that what goes in Vegas, stays in Vegas.



Well most of us anyway. Those of you who know me will notice that I am not in this picture. That’s right. So for me, what goes in Vegas, goes on the blog.

Sorry girls.

Anyway. We did have transfers with our package but we were all quite sure that they would definitely not stop the bus at a liquor store so we opted for a limo instead. Needless to say we finished the entire bottle in the 15minutes between the airport and the hotel.014

I tried to get Heather to stick her head out the window and yell something like “VEGAS BABY VEGAAAAAAS”.


She opted for the queen wave instead.

We were staying at the Bellagio, which meant nothing to me until I arrived and was instantly blown away by the outrageousness of it all. I’ll get to the talking tree later but for now we were hoping for an upgrade to our room situation which was a triple and a single. Brandy tried her best to sort us out and I was amused to note that while we were in line, every single person around us in the other lines was also asking for an upgrade. If you visit the website they will advise you to include a sandwich with your credit card. By this, they mean you must bribe the front desk staff with a $20 or $50 or whatever between your credit card and ID. This will ensure an upgrade to a beautiful suite complete with resident pool boy and a video of someone back home doing all the laundry, cleaning your house top to bottom, and preparing a week’s worth of healthy meals for your family so you don’t have to think about it upon your return.

I will just say here that it is not advisable to discuss the sandwich plan with the hotel in advance. And don’t drop any smart comments about paninis or subs. I’m pretty sure that is actually run by the staff at the Bellagio who use it as comedic relief to dull the monotony of having to deal with everyone and their dog asking for an upgrade all the time. I can just see it now:

Brenda, reception manager at the Bellagio: Hey can someone update the website today and change it from ‘sandwich’ to ‘donut’. That was soo funny last time when people were trying to give us $20 bucks and a honey crueller.

Randy, website manager at the Bellagio: OK or maybe we should tell them to stuff it in a Ding Dong. Remember that one old guy last time we did that who stuck $20 bucks inside a bell and just sat there ringing it and winking? Yeah lets do that!

Brenda: OK sure. Hey come check out the webcam. There’s 2 chicks who look like they have a panini or something. They’re trying to give it to Brandy. Man look at that stash of sandwiches Brandy’s got under the desk. God I love this job.

So we didn’t get the suite with the video and pool boy, but we did get two lovely adjoining rooms which we then referred to as our 2bedroom, 2bathroom suite. We just kept the doors open between the two rooms, and it was all good.

And the view was good too.


But the real bonus of the day was the knock on the door shortly after we got to our rooms. We all looked worriedly at each other as if it might be Brandy come to tell us we had to move to the  basement, but to our delight it was a lovely lady with a lovely cart with a lovely bottle of bubbly from our lovely friend Lisa who was sad that she couldn’t be with us. And San Pellegrino for me too! Such a great thing to do. Love you, Lisa!


By this time is was getting late and we were in a daze. We wandered back to the lobby looking for who knows what, stumbled into a restaurant, ordered food, and then stared at it, then got lost in the casino looking for the guest elevators, and finally fell into bed.



What we found when looking for who knows what…Seriously people walk around in these. Can you imagine ANYONE in Victoria wearing these shorts? An Ad Hoc organization would be formed, sub committees struck, a special session of council would be called and The Friends of Beacon Hill Park would issue a press release.  Hmm…

More tomorrow!



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  1. Fabulous Vegas stories! Love them... I feel like I went on the trip with you.
    And you met Mike!!!
    Too fun!
    - elsie