Saturday, June 25, 2011

Top 10 Things I Like about Hay-on-Wye

10. The name is pretty cute. Not as cute as, say, Bigglesbury, or Tootle, or Snooting Bogford, but pretty cute. And the town is devoted to books – must be 25 bookstores here.


9 . They have milk delivered (there’s even a glass bottle or two!) to your back door:


8. They sell fascinators at the local store. No sign of anything as fascinating as the complete set of women’s reproductive organs that Princess Beatrice’s wore to the Royal Wedding, but still…


7. You can buy gooseberries at the grocers. But here you must pronounce them ‘Guzbreeies’. I like to call them ‘grossberries’ myself but that won’t fly here.


6. There is a bookstore called ‘Murder and Mayhem’


5. You can actually buy beef dripping at the store. and guess what, it’s ‘Ideal for roasting and chips!’


4. There are several little tea rooms like this one, but this was the cutest.


3. There are random cute things like this brick:


2. There are lots of really great farms in the area  and a huge emphasis on organic sustainable production.


And the Number One thing I like about this village? It has chosen to twin itself with Timbuktu! Isn’t that awesome? How random! How odd! How delightfully useless!


Zoe could not get her head around the concept of ‘twinned cities’ and asked repeatedly if they looked similar. I suspect not, but I admire their tenacity.

We are off today to a food festival in Hay, and then to an area that is known as ‘The Black and White Villages’. More on that later.

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