Monday, February 8, 2010

Between Love and Loneliness Excerpt

It’s quiet in the house as Zoe and I blow in through the front door, arms full of bags and coats. The weather outside is terrible – wet and windy and heavy with clouds that make it dark before it should be. We kick our shoes off and, after bumping into each other a few times and tripping over backpacks and groceries, retreat to our own corners. Zoe goes upstairs to her room to change out of her uniform, and I find myself in the kitchen filling up the kettle like an automaton. Must have tea. We’ve just come home from school and work and the need to recharge is present in both of us. I drink tea at the table and stare blindly at a stack of flyers that tries, unsuccessfully, to interest me in purchasing something really useful, like a 400 pack of elastic bands or how about a yogurt maker. Zoe returns to the kitchen wearing a pair of leggings, a t-shirt and her dressing gown over top. I know how she feels.

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