Thursday, January 14, 2010

Applewood Cottage, the Macarena and Pete the Pet

Sometimes you strike out when staying away from home (see my other blog for an example of a hotel stay FAIL). And sometimes you find the greatest little place ever. Last weekend we were in Courtenay to attend a party and needed somewhere to stay. You can read about my ridiculous anxiety at the prospect of Jacob babysitting, over at my blog at Kids in Victoria but here I would just like to go on for a bit about how lovely  Applewood Cottage, is.

Kent had lured us there with the promise of a ski trip on Saturday and a party Saturday night. Sounded pretty good to me but unfortunately, the ski trip was a no-go as the warm wet weather was not working in Mt. Washington’s favour. Kent went up the mountain on Friday and then promptly came right back down so we didn’t even bother. But the party was great although Kent may disagree as I took the opportunity to drag him onto the dance floor to perform the Macarena, which he did not know how to do and, I might add, still does not know how to do despite my attempts to coach him through the whole thing. It must have been hilarious to watch me yelling out commands to him like “HEAD”, and “CROSS TO HIPS” and “SHIMMY JUMP, AND TURN”. He made a valiant attempt  and received a prize from the DJ for his efforts. I think he will thank me the next time we are at an event where participation in the Macarena is encouraged. In fact, perhaps the next time we are at your house, you could play the song and announce that everyone must now stop what they are doing and do the Macarena a Kent needs to practice.

Back to the cottage. So the kids and I drove up on Friday night (which took 4 yes FOUR hours from Victoria due to the traffic and rain) and promptly fell in love with this place. It was a goat barn at one point but happily, retains no sensory evidence of this fact.

The owners have managed to restore this old barn to a beautiful little cottage. The attention to detail is awesome: reclaimed windows, windy stairs, lights in all the right places, comfy beds, and the best part, the kitchen was stocked with fresh bread, fruit, cream in a cute little bottle, fresh apple juice, homemade jam, butter, yogurt, tea and coffee. There was a cupboard full of games, puzzles and movies. I would like to report that I actually completed a 300 piece puzzle over the course of two days with only Zoe to help me as both Jacob and Kent declared puzzles to be ‘boring’ and a ‘waste of time’. Well, maybe they are a little boring but once I start, I must finish. The puzzle was of a painting of a bunch of pets. When I looked at the title of the puzzle, I read ‘Pete’s Party’ and then spent the entire time wondering which of the pets was named Pete. Was it the Gerbil? No, that seemed unlikely. Maybe the Rabbit? Pete the Rabbit? Nope. Perhaps it was Pete the Ferret? Hmmm…maybe not. And so it went. I seriously spent time on this question. I even wondered why they were having a party. Perhaps it was Pete the Hamster’s birthday. Or maybe he had just bought a new cage and was having all the other pets round to celebrate. The mind wanders when involved in inane activities…or mine does anyway. It wasn’t until it was time to go and I was putting the puzzle back in the box (‘See’ said Jacob ‘It’s pointless’) that I noticed it actually said “Pets Party’ not ‘Pete’s Party).  I was both mildly relieved and disappointed to realize that none of the pets was called Pete. What can I say other than I do think Pete is a good name for a pet and I will encourage that name next time I am asked for my opinion on this subject (you’ve been warned).

Part of our relaxing weekend included a trip to the awesome town of Cumberland. This place is so cool. It used to be the home of the many employees of the nearby Coal Mine which was active until 1966. The town has lots of great little shops and places to eat, and you can also see the remains of what was once the fifth largest Chinatown in BC. If you go, make sure you drive the entire length of the main road down to the part at the end which is referred to simply as ‘Camp’ by the locals. Not ‘The Camp’ or ‘Camp Street’, just ‘Camp’. The road here is lined with old coal-miner’s cottages that have been restored (sort-of) and are now home to some of Cumberland’s 3000 residents. We hung around for while although it was raining, no, it was freaking POURING, and anyway I wanted to get back to the world’s cutest cottage and finish my puzzle.

It was with sadness that we packed our bags the next morning and drove back to Victoria. I can’t wait to go back and actually would like to live there I think, with someone stocking my fridge for me and leaving fresh towels everyday…sigh.

So if you are looking for somewhere different to stay other than the No-Rest Hotel, check this place out. And, no, the owners don’t have a clue who I am.DSC05574

Our breakfast. Note the wedge of Cambazola.


The window seat…note the thick soft bathrobe…







And finally…the silver jar of violet bath salts…sigh…

Until next time-thanks for reading,


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