Friday, August 7, 2009

Overheard on Hornby Part 4 – Top 10 Reasons I Love Hornby Island

10. Cardboard House Bakery. What a great spot – tables scattered around an orchard, delicious food, one of the best outhouses around (as outhouses go), a sweet garden, live music if you’re there at the right time, a ‘bring your own wine’ policy (always good), lots of room for kids to run and friends to hang out, and the BEST chocolate cheesecake around (and I should know as I had it on three separate occasions over 7 days. Was that wrong? Who cares.)



9. The natural sandstone sculpture. Shaped by the tides into caves, dunes, waves, and mushrooms, these rock formations are magical. Best at the end of a hot day when the tide comes in over the warm rocks and swirls into channels and pools.


8. The Saturday/Wednesday Farmers Market. I was wary about going as the last time I went, it was hot and dusty and trudging around a parking lot while waiting 30 minute for a taco was not my idea of a good time. So I was thrilled to see that the market had moved into the shade of the forest. I was also happy about the chocolate covered bananas, frozen Mango on a stick, and the Persian food found at a little stall by the entrance to the market - the best dolmades I have ever had, and several other delicious pastries and sweets. Something about pomegranate paste and I don’t know what else but it worked! Divine. The girls got Henna tattoos, the mums shopped for jewellery, and all was good.


7. The deck at our rental house. The site of much laughter, love, good food, stories, wine, an amazing hammock (that nobody fell out of, especially not Lisa and not twice in 20 seconds), laundry, wet towels and bathing suits, flowers, a shocking amount of empties, singing, silliness, good friends, and general happiness.




6. The deck at Leanne and Darren’s. A great place for a  44th birthday party & a rousing game of ‘How to Put your Partner on the Spot’ (that’s not what it was called but that’s kind of how it worked in a very hilarious way). Overheard at the party:

Question: What is the most embarrassing thing you have done while drunk?

Answer (from birthday boy Jivko after some thought) ‘I shagged a goat.’

Response from Darren: ‘Oh yeah? how many kids have you fathered?’

Hysterical laughter from all…

Also a great place for a bottle of Prosecco at 11am in the morning. It’s just too bad Leanne and Darren weren’t there to share it with us:)


5. Tribune Bay. Amazing beach, warm water, tonnes of space…it’s all good.



4. The joy on the faces of all my friends returning from mountain biking. Personally, I haven’t ever done it (not that good on the bike and would probably fall off and break my head or something) but apparently it is almost as good as chocolate, if the extreme joy radiating off their bodies is anything to go by.


3. Helliwell Provincial Park. There’s something about the full sensory experience one gains while walking in this most beautiful of places that makes it a completely joyful experience. The Garry Oak savannah smells deliciously sweet, the yellow of the dry grass stands out brilliantly against the blue sky, the deep blue water swirls and eddies, and the tall trees dwarf me. The swimming is also excellent (If you don’t mind a few seals for company. Like about 20). I had a mystical experience here once a long time ago when some friends and I camped illegally. I woke up early in the morning to a swirl of mist and sunbeams. I walked the bluffs and came across a deer who watched me come within two feet of it. I fell in love then and still love it today.


2. Swimming at Whaling Station Bay Beach. Here, the water is crystal clear, and the perfect temperature. The sand is expansive, the view to die for and except for the excessive seaweed on the beach, the place is practically perfect. I walked out into the water and started swimming out from the beach. The water got deeper, sand dollars were scattered across the bottom and I felt like I could see for miles. I wanted to stay out there forever. Bliss.

1. How much fun I had with such an excellent group of friends and family. Love you all:)










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