Monday, August 17, 2009

Journey Girl!


Back in the 80s when I was a girl, I used to listen to records on my dad’s turntable. For those of you who are under 20, go Google ‘turntable’ and then get back to me. I had a few tapes as well (yes go Google ‘cassette tapes’ as well) but I remember so well the feel of a newly bought record, the smooth but slightly rough cover, the static electricity that crackled the slip cover of the record as you took it out of the cover. Then there was the whole process of putting the record on the turntable, sorting out the arm and getting the needle in the right place. I think I must have ruined a few needles in my time. I always thought I knew how to do it but then the needle would slip and make a sound sort of like ‘ERRRRRAAAACCCKKKK’ like a badly amplified fart, and then the needle would bounce around on the turntable and I would hurriedly try and grab it before it my dad noticed. I suspect he knew exactly what was going on. Sorry, Dad. Well actually I’m not that sorry about a few of them.  I’m not sure what my parents were thinking with some of the records in the collection. Like Leo Sayer or Barry Manilow. God save me from Barry Manilow. Or Crystal Gayle. Ugh. Or, my mother’s favourite: Johnny Mathis who always sounded like he had just taken a hit of helium before singing. Or the dude with the pipes Zamfir (‘hauntingly beautiful – well, haunting anyway, I don’t know about beautiful.  And Nana Mouskouri who sounds like the love child of Johnny Mathis and Zamfir. Not good.  I also liked the feature where you could stack a few albums up at once and then the stereo would drop them down one after the other. But only one side at a time, of course. How quaint!

With a few noted exceptions, those were the days of dancing around the living room to such music greats as Eric Clapton, the Eagles, Dr. Hook, and Meatloaf. How many times did my friends and I play ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’ over and over until we knew all the words. Too bad we didn’t know what they were talking about until we were all grown up. Could have learned a lesson there on the way it is with boys and girls. I am pleased to say that I still know the words off by heart. So if anyone wants to sing it with me, I’ll be the girl…

But it wasn’t until the 80s hit that I really started spending all my money on music:  my favourite purchase ever? Escape, by Journey. You know the cover – some sort of weird escape pod hatching out of I don’t know what that is. See the image above (if you didn’t recognize it). I dare say that I may have had a thing for Steve Perry. In fact, I still might. Well I’m pretty sure I do. Does anyone know him? Although I did hear an interview with him and Jian Ghomeshi and all I can say is that I was super disappointed that he didn’t sing. WTF, Steve? OK so it was a phone interview. Whatever! But I am glad to see Jian is also a fan although why pick bones over whether or not there really is a ‘South Detroit?’ Apparently there isn’t. Details, Jian, details.

I didn’t even really know I was such a Journey fan until I found myself singing Don’t Stop Believing one day a few years ago. Then I realized I could sing the entire song from memory, plus about eight other Journey songs. Yes! I ROCK!  I kept this little secret to myself for a long time. It still wasn’t cool back then to like the 80s. Then one day recently I thought ‘enough is enough I am out of this closet!’ and I publicly declared my love for Journey on my facebook page. I’m pleased to report that the response to my now numerous posts on the topic of Journey has been excellent, especially from the Class of ‘88 and in general the 30-something crowd and I have since been declared Journey Girl which I LOVE! Thanks Rochelle! All of you keep up the excellent work of introducing your kids to Journey and singing along to Faithfully and Open Arms in the car.

Part of my motivation for this blog is a recent comment from my English cousin Julie who asked me ‘what is journey’. Akk! I had to put her straight asap but I think perhaps there are more of you out there who also need some help. Check out and I’ll just say here that the lead singer now is some new dude and NOT Steve Perry. I’m sure he’s fine but just so we’re clear, that is NOT Steve Perry. How could it be? He looks like he is about 12.

For those of you hoping to read about my usual ramblings with children or ferries, I’ll be back soon.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog :)


  1. Hilarious I graduated in '87 and when you mentioned all the different bands...I had an '80's FLASHBACK!!!! Funny thing is....teenagers now-a-days say "want to hear the coolest song by "SO IN SO" and it's a remix by a band from the '80's; so you start singing along and they look at you like you have a third eye in the middle of your forehead and say "HEY HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS SONG"???

    It's the greatest reaction ever!!!!

    Keep the blogs coming...I LOVE THEM...whenever I need a good laugh I come to your pages!!!

  2. Thanks, Cheryl. Im glad you are enjoying the blog! And I will keep them coming - I', enjoying it, too.