Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shutford Day 3–In Which We Laze Around, there are Horses, and The Light is Lovely

This travelling thing can be tiring with all these amazing things to see and do so yesterday was a day off from the road. I didn’t see the girls until mid-morning, and we all spent the day not driving, with no history lessons, and hardly any VOD items except for when we went for a walk in the evening and accidentally looked at the Village Manor House, which is an imposing structure which could possibly be the set for a Victorian Gothic novel in which insane people are kept in the attic…

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We did stumble across some horses, and Zoe and Terra went a bit horse-crazy. I was a little reluctant to actually go and hang out in the field with them, given this sign and the fact that one of them seemed to be sharpening his teeth.



Actually they were lovely and we went back later and learned that their names are Pepsi and Fergal (above), a racehorse and quite a good one too, apparently, although we were told he does steeplechase which involves racing and jumping over very high fences and hedges etc. I am pretty sure he could have just stepped over the paddock fence like it was nothing and been off down the street, never to be seen again. i guess he knows how good life is here in Shutford.

The light in the evenings has been phenomenal around here. Word on the street is that the Aurora borealis may be making an appearance tonight.


I did happen to see this little note up in the bus stop on our way home.


How do you find a budgerigar? I looked on the rest of the board in case there was a ‘Lost: one Budgerigar, in good condition’ notice as I thought I could perhaps initiate a reunion, but the only other notice was regarding a jumble sale at the Hall, and Quiz Night at the pub on Sunday, which I will miss, to my annoyance.

It was a good thing we had a lazy day as we needed our rest to prepare for our mentally taxing day at Bletchley Park, home of the great code breakers of WWII and also the location for the movie The Imitation Game. More on that tomorrow…

Yanks for preening,



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