Saturday, March 22, 2014

Disneyland Day 1: In Which There are Dogs on Planes (Economy Class) and we Hang Out in Salt Lake City.

(Please don’t expect much of this post – it is very tired and has been up for hours, poor thing.)

Yesterday was one of those really long days that started at 6 am and involved all types of transportation including ferry, bus, taxi, light rail, and plane, and then at the end of it, you are somewhere very far away from where you started and almost feel like you have had your holiday and would now like to go home. Of course, in the morning you wake up and it’s sunny and warm or whatever and suddenly it’s all better again.

At least, that is what happens to us humans, but until yesterday I had not spent one speck of time wondering what dogs think of all this travel business, and this is,I am quite sure, due to the fact that until then, I had never seen dogs going through security or waiting at departure gates, or hanging out in the bathroom at the airport. I mean seriously.

It all started with this little guy (I’ll call him Fluffy, cuz he was) who was obviously high on doggie-Ativan which was good as he didn’t notice that the gym bag he was in was slowly falling over.


He eventually tipped right over and just lay there, face wedged between the bars of the luggage cart, until his owner picked him up again.

He obviously had a successful flight to Salt Lake City though as we later saw him in the bathroom at the SLC airport, freshening up after his flight. Um excuse me, your dog is in the bathroom.


No seriously, wtf. Since when do dogs just get to travel willy-nilly on flights with humans? Don’t get me wrong I love dogs. Some of my best friends are dogs. But SINCE WHEN DOES A PITBULL GET TO FLY IN ECONOMY CLASS??

from zoes camera  up to mar 2014 128

Fortunately for me, this pitbull (I’ll call him Buffy) was waiting at the departure gate for a flight to Fargo, North Dakota, and not to Long Beach, LA like I was. I have to admit I didn’t actually see the dog get on the flight, but you cannot be at a departure gate unless you are flying, and Buffy was there waiting with his owner with all the other humans, then the flight was called, and everyone got on the plane, and then Buffy and his human weren’t there anymore. So you do the math. The other thing about this story is that another cute little fluffy dog (I’ll call him Muffy) was also getting on this flight.

from zoes camera  up to mar 2014 112

I don’t know if he knew about Buffy, but I for one was feeling nervous about how the whole multiple-dogs-on-a-flight thing was going to pan out. I couldn’t see how this was going to end well:

Carol the Flight Attendant: Can I get you a drink?

Buffy’s owner: No I’m good thanks I’m going to go to sleep.

Carol (to Buffy): How about you?

Buffy: No I’m good thanks I am going to go take a crap right here and then I thought I might eat that little fluffy dog in the next row.

Carol: Would you like peanuts?

Buffy: No thanks I’m allergic.

Carol: Have a nice flight.

Buffy: Woof.

But really, what do I know about Dogs on Planes?

Anyway, Zoe and I had more time than we thought so we decided to take a little jaunt into Salt Lake City, which we really enjoyed and proved to be plenty of time to visit the Temple (as in Mormon), see the Tabernacle where the famed choir sings, and do a spot of shopping. The city is in a striking location geographically speaking, set on a plateau in the middle of a ring of mountains.

from zoes camera  up to mar 2014 114

from zoes camera  up to mar 2014 104

Zoe and I on the very convenient and easy to use Light Rail from the airport to town. Just sayin, Victoria.


from zoes camera  up to mar 2014 107

The Mormon Temple


from zoes camera  up to mar 2014 109

The Tabernacle where the choir signs with their Very Large Organ.

I must admit I was a bit disappointed not to see Napoleon Dynamite, or Bill and Nicky from Big Love. I’ll have to go back.

The rest of the day consisted of a short hop to LA, and a cab to our hotel where Zoe promptly fell asleep and I wrestled with an air conditioning unit that was last serviced in 1875.

Disneyland tomorrow!

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