Thursday, September 10, 2009

Top 10 list for First Day Back to School

This is one of my favourite songs (yes I know it’s Jack White again). And so appropriate for the first day of school. Play it while you’re reading this – it helps:)

Here is my top 10 list of first-day-back-to-school favourites:

10. The look of shock on the faces of the teachers as they see Jacob walk toward them. He is almost 5’10” and has grown about 3 inches in the past 3 months. It’s ridiculous. And his voice has changed and he looks like a 13yr old man. Hey, it’s freaking me out, too.

9. Zoe commenting with an exasperated sigh that the ‘parents have eaten all the cookies again’ at the welcome back coffee party.

8. The crispness in the air. 

7. Joy on small faces as they see their friends

6. How organized the classrooms are – all those books and hooks so neatly lined up just waiting for mayhem to hit.

5. All the new shoes everywhere.

4. New kids to the school gripping their parents’ hands for dear life and then being coaxed away by new friends.

3. The fact that there is always a bird’s nest somewhere in the classroom. I’m pleased to see that Zoe’s new teacher, Mr. Hawes, did not disappoint in this regard.

2. Seeing my friends again

1. How lucky my kids are to be able to go to school













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