Sunday, July 12, 2009

Top Ten List

10. Fondant Fancies. These lovely little cakes come in a pink box at Marks and Spencer. I’m sure they are horrific for you and are probably the equivalent of a ding dong or something in that their shelf life is far too long for anything healthy. However, they bring back memories of childhood and they taste divine. The pink ones are my favourite.

9. The Soho district of London. People everywhere, cafes everywhere, incredible live theatre everywhere. Amazing.


8. The fact that it takes only 22 minutes to go through the Chunnel.

7.The English Village of Sutton Valence. This little gem sits perched on a hillside in the middle of the English County of Kent. The streets are barely wide enough for one vehicle, the buildings are beyond quaint, and there are two very fine pubs, one of which happens to be The King’s Head, referring, of course, to Henry VIII. An ancient ruined castle sits over all of this. Perfect!


6. The unnamed pastry that was served to us for petit dejeuner in Paris. This delectable mixture of croissant pastry, chocolate and butter was so much better than a pain au chocolat.

5. Canterbury. Everything about this city was awesome from the beautiful gothic cathedral where Thomas a Beckett was murdered in 1170 to the winding streets, to the great shopping, to the helpful friendly people who live and work there. Nice.


4. The moat at Leeds Castle. This castle is straight out of a fairytale complete with the most beautiful moat that completely surrounds the castle. The massive stone walls rise straight out of it and black swans swim through archways.


3. Standing under the Eiffel Tower with my 7yr old daughter wide-eyed and full of wonder. Sure it’s great to see it from a far, but it’s quite remarkable to stand under it with all those tonnes of steel rising above you. The people watching is pretty amazing, too: Gypsies swarming hapless tourists, 12 different languages being spoken all at once, nuns, Chinese tour groups, soccer teams, and French soldiers with machine guns.


2. Cruising to Greenwich on the Thames River. Cities are different places when seen from the water. This cruise takes 30 minutes and is totally worth it. What a great way to gain a perspective on London, and Greenwich itself is a beautiful town.


1. Hearing my 13yr old son Jacob say to me, while on the Eurostar train to France, that he would like to take a train trip around Europe with some friends when he’s older. He thought he might need a week or so to do this, I said why not take a couple of months:) Ok, he said, but he would also like to take a trip across Canada too. Nothing like seeing that spark in your kid’s eyes. Mission Accomplished!


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