Monday, June 22, 2009

This is Why I Need a Jetpack

At the time, booking an overnight flight to England with a 7 and 13 yr old in tow (not to mention my mother as well) seemed like a tolerable plan. We would be flying over the kids' bedtimes so, more likely than not, they would just fall asleep and we would arrive in the UK in the morning relatively rested, go about our day, stay up until bedtime, and none of us would know the meaning of jet lag. I would quietly congratulate myself on my excellent parenting skills and my well-rested children would go happily hand in hand from one culturally significant locale to the next, soaking it all up with their alert minds.


Instead, both kids stayed wide awake for the first four hours, watching movies, eating, and generally behaving. Then, at the 5hr mark, I suggested sleep might be in order. Both kids snuggled down in their 1 cubic foot of space and attempted sleep. What followed is not worth repeating suffice to say I eventually retreated into a catatonic state in an attempt to remove myself from the situation. If anyone from flight TCX52L row 20 or 22 is reading this, I'm very sorry. I don't know how she manages to reach that octave either.

However we eventually made it to our 'holiday flat' in London, went out for a walk and some sightseeing, and all the trauma of the previous 24hrs became a blur. Until 2:30am this morning when it came back into sharp relief as Zoe, with whom I have the pleasure of sharing a bed, decide to wake up and stay awake until the morning. Of course, she was quite chipper until we were all ready to go out for the day when she suddenly glazed over. I put her in her bed and she's still there 2 hours later. Sigh.

Plans for the day include a few museums, some public transit adventures and mainlining some caffeine. I'll let you know how it goes!

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  1. No no NO NO! Jane it can not have been that bad, not with your perfect children!!! You are obviously suffering from lack of jet pack - stewardess's with bubble wrap turbans!!
    Hope things start to shape up - gravol for Zoe?!?!!????